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Instagram @2squarefeetproject

2 square feet project is an experimental photographic experience done with a smartphone that aims to portrait Trumps’ dressing room capturing intimate and raw moments, with consent, inside a space tightened with talent and sweated with creativity.

It’s inside these few square feet where every artist gets ready, recovers, dresses and undresses, cries, faints, laughs...

It’s here where some of them transform and allow themselves to be someone else, to incarnate a less evident self, to explore gender and erase limits once drawn by them and society.

No two stories are the same and ours blend together to create the photo: for me it’s more than a click, it is minding the way the artist sees themself and therefore understanding the dimension of what can be captured, so that together we can break boundaries to create an image without frontiers.

I can’t just burst inside the dressing room, lay on the floor and shoot an ass that stands 9 inches from my face, or bluntly take a shot when a drag queen grabs her testicles underneath seven layers of stockings... 

It takes a connection and a context to make this happen, and for me this is the charm of the project: to go beyond my own boundaries and blend mine and the subject’s personal spaces.

These are more than portraits, these are the stories of each and everyone who stepped through the dressing room’s curtains, and in a way are an essential part of Trumps’ club.

Sometimes it’s just an archive, other times it’s a way to perpetuate looks that won’t be repeated, but most of the times it’s just us experimenting sensuality, aggressiveness, intimacy and hidden versions of ourselves.

This project isn’t just mine - it belongs to everyone involved, us night dwellers who also go to the bakery in the morning.

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